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"Rho Diablo"
Dustin Sargent
"Dust & Jazz"

Rojo Diablo

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Rojo Diablo
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"Sunny Moon"


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Bass Info:

Dustin is currently using a pair of Fender Jazz Basses. A Mexican 4 string with a Bad Ass Bridge and EMG pickups; and an American 5 string with active electronics.

For most of his larger gigs he uses a SWR Studio 220 and a Crown amp to power a pair of Eden cabinets (4x10; 1x15). For effects he uses an old Boss Octave pedal, a Boss ODB (overdrive) and a Real McCoy Custom bass wah.
After leaving his hometown of South Haven, IN at the age of 17, Dustin traveled the world playing bass and is today one of Atlanta's most sought after sidemen.

There are few bassist around who have led as eclectic career as Dustin. Basically self taught and coming from a strong jazz influenced background, Dustin has spent the last 10 years globe-hopping and recording with dozens of acts.

It doesn't make much difference to him whether he's performing with a straight-ahead Jazz, Rock, Funk, or Reggae artist, he just wants to play.


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