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Dru Lombar

Leader of Grinderswitch

We will always remember and enjoy the Blues as only Dru Lombar could play them.
Dru was a
great musician, inspired band leader and a beloved friend who song will be missed by us all.



Rick, Larry, Dru, Joe Dan
at Hungwell Manor.

Dicky Betts & Dru Lombar
sharing lead on stage.

Dru's great big smile said it all. I'm
here, let's get the party started.

Grinderswitch Bio:  In 1973 Dru Lombar, Joe Dan Petty, Larry Howard and Rick Burnett moved to a farm outside of Warner Robbins, Georgia and for 10 months the band wrote and rehearsed material for what was to become their first album on Capricorn Records. The album "Honest to Goodness". With the release of their first album came non-stop touring with The Allman Bros Band, The Marshall Tucker Band, The Charlie Daniels Band, Wet Willie and Lynyrd Skynrd.

For the next three years the band stayed on the road and released the critically acclaimed "Macon Tracks" and "Pullin Together". Then in 1976 after returning from a major European tour with MTB and Bonnie Bramlett, Grinderswitch entered the studio to record what would become their biggest album "Redwing". But their label had financial problems, times were tough, but the band stuck together. Then Dick Wooley, who had left Capricorn to start "Rabbit Records" bought their contract from Capricorn and in 1977 released "Redwing", on Rabbit and it was distributed worldwide by Atlantic Records.

The band was impressed by the amount of promotion the album was receiving and they went into the studio to record ten more

tracks for Dick's label, an album with the working title, "Chasing Wild Desires". Then came DISCO music, DISCO movies, etc. etc. and suddenly the Southern Music scene just disappeared...

Fast-forward to 2004, Dru Lombar again teamed with old friend Dick Wooley, who now had King Mojo Records and they began planning a new recording of Grinderswitch. Dru had given much thought about this new album, the first album to be released in decades. Dru with his great song writing skills penned several powerful new songs like, "Holding on to someone letting go". Dru had a great new line up of band members; Wally Condon on drums, Eddie Stone, keyboards and vocals, Steve Miller, base and vocals, and Jack Corcaran on guitar.
Dru also had Lee Webster, Bethany Saja, Jude Allan and Jana Stanley on background vocals and Dru's duet with the talented Miranda Louise is not to be missed.

Dru Lombar was making his best music ever, just listen to his lyrics and vocals on the newest album "Ghost Train From Georgia".


(ED: Tragically Dru's life was cut short on Sept. 2, 2005)
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