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Mike Lowry Band

Mike Lowry Band 

Mike Lowry is The Total Package!!! He brings to the stage, years of experience in his high energy show. His guitar playing is mature beyond his years. While displaying meticulous technical prowess, his emotions are the backbone of his soulful performances, full of youthful exuberance. This sets him apart from all the rest. Always striving to Be The Best…Makes Him Just That!! His talent has attracted seasoned professionals, allowing Mike to put together a dynamic band, bringing down the house with every performance.

The release of his new CD, which is currently receiving airtime, has put him on the road performing throughout the Southeast. Mike has opened up for James Brown, Levon Helms, Tyrone Davis and has performed on the same music bill with blues heavyweights such as Jimmy Vaughan, Dr. John, Charlie Mussle White, Tinsley Ellis, Skeeter Brandon, Cigar Store Indians, Jimmy Thakery, just to name a few. Mike started playing the guitar at the age of 11.

By age 14 he was performing in the blues scene around Atlanta, being called the “guitar child prodigy.” Self taught, he played the blues right from the heart. His elders would say, “He makes his guitar talk. He has the soul of an old man.” One early review read. “I think we have another Derek Trucks on our hands. Not dead pan like Dereck – no grimaces. No rehearsed air-guitar; only impressive lines come out of his guitar. His playing is very natural and fluid; much more blues mainstream, reminding me of a younger Eric Clapton with his phrasing. He plays great bluesy solos – building in intensity and catching fire.” Vincent Tseng Mike comes from three generations in The Business. His mother was a professional Broadway singer/dancer working with all the super stars of her day.

Mike has been surrounded by music and performing all his life. Mike is no stranger to a stage, screen, and radio. Mike’s career started at the age of 4, acting in

commercials, movies, and radio spots. He had roles in The Heat of The Night, staring Carroll O’Connor and has worked under the direction of John Frankenheimer (the Emmy award-winning movie director) who directed The Bird Man of Alcatraz, Grand Prix, The Manchurian Candidate, Seconds and Andersonville, just to name a few. Mike played the role of the young confederate guard in the TNT movie, Andersonville, filmed in GA. Putting acting aside, Mike has dedicated himself to his music. Perhaps the discipline of his early career reflects in his music career now. Mike is driven and dedicated to produce good music! His audience’s response validates that he is succeeding.





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