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Club Jam

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Who are the Mississippi King Snakes and where have they been all your life? Well... Legend has it that they've been playing music down south for the past forty years, but they've never sought acclaim beyond the borders of their chittlin-circuit roots.

Over the years the MKS has managed to fly under the radar of the national music scene and have happily steered clear of the compromises demanded by corporate music's cookie-cutter machine.

While no one in the MKS is a household name, they're all wickedly acclaimed music veterans, they just prefer to remain close to down home roots and play their original music on the juke joint circuit.
Some say their roadhouse rocking music suspends time and is evidenced by the fact band members range in age from twenty to a lead singer in his seventies. But all bets are off when they hit the stage shooting the crowd up with a high-energy adrenaline rush that sends young and old alike orbiting around gin soaked dance hall floors.
Well, enough explaining, we've assembled a virtual album release of original MKS recordings for you to click and download, it's great music that we hope you will enjoy thoroughly.

The Players:

Andy Hamburger - drums
Big Shanty - vocals / slide guitar
Col. Bruce Hampton - guitar / sitar
Dave Hanbury - lead guitar
Dave Ylvisaker- keyboards
Diane Durrett - vocals
Jack Hall - bass
Liz Melendez - lead guitar / vocals
Rick Phillips - keyboards
Ron Heath - bass
Scott T. Robertson - drums

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