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Pearl Handled Revolver

The Pearl Handled Revolver band has the Blues. Not the slow, mournful sitting on a porch bemoaning hard luck, bad signs and ill-fated love down at the crossroads Blues. Nor the twelve-bars hammered into mediocrity and engrained like spilled beer and cigarette butts on the sawdust floor of a Mississippi shot house.

Pearl Handled Revolver Blues crashes into your head and heart and won't leave until you've abandoned the bad times and re-discovered the joy of dancing to the Blues, not because you want to, but because you have to.

Blues isn't about history, tradition or convention... it’s about everything primal, visceral, raw and dirty. The Pearl Handled Revolver delivers great raw and dirty Blues, come and get some!

Live review - Esquires, Bedford.

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Pearl Handled Revolver

SIMON RINALDO - Hammond, Vox / Farfisa organs / Rhodes & Clavinet /  Moog.
ANDY PARIS - Lead / Accoustic Guitar.
CHRIS THATCHER -  Drums/Percussion/Backing Vox.
LEE VERNON -  Lead Vocals  / Harmonica / Lyrics.
OLI CARTER -  Bass / Acoustic / Electric Guitar.

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