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DAN TOLER, legendary TGZ and former Allman Brothers Band guitarist  passes:
February 25th 2013, "Dangerous" Dan Toler lost his long battle against "ALS, Lou Gehrig's Disease".  Dan passed away peacefully at he and his wife's home in Sarasota Florida. Our thoughts go out to Dan's family at this sad time.

Dan Toler gave us the greatest music memories of our generation while playing with bands like Capricorn Record's "Allman Brothers Band", King Mojo Record's "TGC", the Dicky Betts band and the Gregg Allman band.

Rest in peace brother.

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Listen to these great clips:
"Living Dangerously"
"Rabbit Got A Gun"

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Band Members

"Dangerous" Dan Toler
(Electric & Acoustic Guitars)

"Scary" Ron Gary
(Piano, Synths, Vocals & Percussion)

Ed Zinner
(Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Vocals & Percussion)

Avon Lucas
(Bass & Midi Bass)

John McKnight
(Drums, Vocals & Percussion)

Tony Green
(Vocals & Percussion)

John Townsend

Matt Zeiner
(Hammond B-3 Organ)

Malcomb Campbell

Sometimes you have to go that extra mile to find the perfect players to create a paramount band: Dan Toler, legendary guitar player formerly of The Allman Brothers Band, Gregg Allman's Solo projects (I'm No Angel;Just Before The Bullets Fly) and more recently Dickey Betts and Great Southern lives in Sarasota, Florida. A mere 880 miles up the east coast, Ed Zinner, former powerhouse guitarist for Southern Legend lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Jazz pianist, Ron Gary, who has performed with legends such as Webster Young and Tom Browne is another 225 miles away in Silver Spring, Maryland. In spite of the physical distance between them, the three founding members of TGZ come together to create an unrivaled combination of talent, passion and imagination. Toler’s southern influenced blues and Zinner’s rock influenced guitars in combination with Gary’s jazz piano culminate into something that is best described as BLUSION!

But… the blues train doesn’t stop there…adding their own flavors to the TGZ mix are five other accomplished and seasoned musicians.

Admired for his singing and songwriting is John Townsend who may be best remembered for his #1 Billboard hit with Ed Sanford - "Smoke From A Distant Fire" in 1977. Townsend has worked off and on with Toler over the years but now his powerful and soul infused vocal abilities have led him on an impressive musical journey towards TGZ; AND, bringing a distinctive tone and heartfelt vocals note after note is R&B singer Tony Green. Providing the powerful and dynamic forces on drums and percussion is John McKnight and ripping the roof off track after track on his nine string instrument is Avon Lucas of Peaches and Herb. The newest recruit, Matt Zeiner, has a passion for music that has allowed him to groove along side Matt "Guitar" Murphy of Blues Brothers fame and Dickey Betts & Great Southern but now spices up the TGZ sound with his soul–infused improv on the mighty Hammond B-3 organ.

In late 2006, TGZ released their first studio album “Living Dangerously” with special guests Viktor Krauss (Lyle Lovett Band) and Floyd Miles (Gregg Allman and Friends). “Living Dangerously” is being played on radio stations all over the United States and receiving great reviews.

CD Review: TGZ's Brand New CD, "Living Dangerously" on King Mojo Records.

Written by Laura Jenney

I'm not going to beat around the bush about it one bit... TGZ's debut CD, "Living Dangerously" on King Mojo Records, in my professional opinion as a music industry executive, should be considered a serious contender for album of the year! The mastery of the musicianship by all the members of TGZ on this CD is beyond stellar! And no wonder ... though this is the debut CD of this incredible band, it's members are no new comers to the music industry, as TGZ is comprised of some of the true great veteran players of the music industry, some of which are of legendary status from a variety of genres. Given that fact, that explains the amazing amount of versatility in this one CD, which delivers unequivocally some of the best instrumental and vocal performances in new music, covering a broad spectrum genres, ranging from smooth to fiery hot jazz, progressive rock, smoking blues, with a flavor of both old and new school R&B and soul, stirring love ballads, Southern Boogie and more, all in one mind-blowing CD, served up with groove to burn!

Destined to become a classic, "Living Dangerously" IS that one in a million CD that is sure to attract and satisfy listeners of all the above mentioned genres, and give a musical education to any listener partial to any one of those genres, and drawing new fans as well as loyal dedicated fans, (which indeed are vast in number), to the members that make up TGZ.

This, I am sure, ran through the mind of music industry's pioneering executive legend, Dick Wooley, of King Mojo Records, when he signed TGZ to the esteemed and very elite label of King Mojo Records in February of 2007.

Dick Wooley knows his stuff when it comes to music, as Dick Wooley is largely responsible for the rise of many of music's legendary artists, such as Percy Sledge, Cream, Joe Tex, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, King Curtis, Buffalo Springfield, Sam & Dave, Led Zepplin, YES, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, the Young Rascals, Aretha Franklin, Derek and the Dominos, Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, Eric Clapton, The Allman Brothers Band, The Marshall Tucker Band and so many others, as you can read from his personal bio on King Mojo's website and from the annals of music history; and having bucked the system head on of what was being played by most radio stations at the time, to get the job done. (It's a fact, that if it were not for the hard work and pioneering thinking and efforts of Dick Wooley, we would all be stuck listening to AM pop, as he is the one who changed it all in the music industry, taking his rightful place in music history's royalty.) ...And to gain that kind of recognition from the likes of Dick Wooley, you know that TGZ and their debut CD, "Living Dangerously" is of the highest caliber! To quote Dick Wooley on TGZ, "It’s the best music I’ve heard all year.”

TGZ's musical brilliance has also attracted the attention of another of the most influential executives in the music industry, Mr. Tony Saldano, CEO of T&T Management and Booking Agency, which is one of the most reputable and respected names in management and booking in the music industry, who himself has been largely responsible for launching the careers of many of today's hottest artists, and manages and/or books 'the best of the best' of great artists in the music industry today. TGZ has been exclusively signed amongst the greats, to the roster of T&T Management & Booking.

Taking a look at the world class artists/musicians that make up TGZ, speaks volumes about what makes TGZ's CD, "Living Dangerously" as hot as it gets.
TGZ ~ The Players:

* "Dangerous" Dan Toler of  The Allman Brothers Band, Gregg Allman and Friends and The Dickey Betts and Great Southern fame for his songwriting and guitar mastery, on blistering electric and acoustic guitar.

* "Scary" Ron Gary who gained his well respected place in the music world from performing with legendary jazz artists Webster Young and Tom Browne; is performing Piano, Synthesizer, Percussion and Vocals with TGZ.

* Ed Zinner well known for his "Duane Allman-esque" style of blazing guitar licks in the band Southern Legend, lends his prowess on electric and acoustic guitar, vocals and percussion in TGZ. Credit also goes to Ed Zinner, for adding even more expertise into the making of "Living Dangerously," as Ed was also the Producer and Executive Producer of this CD.

* Avon Lucas adds his extreme mastery and finesse to TGZ, with his trademark sound on bass, also well known in the music world for his work with such nationally (and world), renown bands as Atlantic Star and Peaches and Herb.

* John Townsend, who has enjoyed a successful singing and songwriting career for decades, and is remembered for his work with Sanford & Townsend, for their hits, including "Smoke From A Distant Fire," which was released in 1977, and made it all the way to #1 on the Billboard Charts. John has also worked with another music legend, Dan Toler, for years.

* Tony Green is "the stuff" great bands are made of, with his amazingly smooth, (and yes, sexy), soulful voice. (The man is true 'catnip' for the lady listeners, as Tony's style shares that same special element and "quality" as Al Green, Marvin Gaye, and Luther Vandross, only his voice and it's quality is even perhaps a little smoother, if you can possibly imagine.)

* Matt Zeiner on keyboards, gathers his acclaim from his famed work with Dickey Betts & Great Southern,
adding even a fuller and more distinct sound to TGZ, and adding even more professional and highly recognized acclaim to their credit as well as to the band's rich sound.

* John McKnight is a lead footed force to be reckoned with on drums, and bringing to the band even greater viability on percussion and vocals. John has performed on 34 CD's to his impressive credits as a professional career drummer, and is widely respected as a "musician's musician" amongst some of the music industry's best.

* Floyd Miles adding an even more impressive quality to TGZ's immense sound, and even more prestige to the band, blues great Floyd Miles works his magic on vocals and percussion.
Floyd Miles is famous for his work with soul band The Universals, Clarence Carter, and his work both in the early days of the Allman Brothers Band, as a member of Gregg Allman and Friends, and through his own successful solo career as a musician.

As if this line up of artists that make up TGZ we're not impressive enough, one can hear special guest appearances from such talented and accredited artists as Tony Perrino, John Shaffer, David "Frankie" Toler, and Victor Krauss on TGZ's "Living Dangerously" CD.

One can hear and purchase this CD at a music store near you.
Or better yet, you can listen to them live and buy the CD, as they will be coming to a concert venue near you.

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